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The Advanced Radiotherapy Savia Care Center, is the most modern center in Dominican Republic for the treatment of Cancer with Radiotherapy, which uses state of the art technology, specialized doctors and technicians and certified by the most important and recognized national and international entities, to provide care and personalized services for our patients and their families.


Savia Care is the result of the entities efforts with more than 30 years of experience in the management of Linear Accelerators and whose union with the Diagnostic Center, Advanced Medicine and Telemedicine (CEDIMAT) has the main objective of achieving better treatments in the fight against Cancer for the benefit of the people in our country.



Contribute with our ongoing effort to improve our patient health, providing reliable and personalized assistance, with warmth, professional excellence and technology leadership.



Be the reference center for doctors, patients and their families at national and international levels, by ensuring the safety and quality of the treatments, offering cutting-edge technology, the highest professional capacity of ourmedical team, the incorporation of scientific research and the constant processes optimization.



  • Trajectory
  • Prestige
  • Experience
  • Capacity
  • Confidence
  • Warmth
  • Service
  • Team Work




What makes us different is that we use the most advanced technology and specialized medical resources, with vast experience, which are assisted by the most qualified technical staff, being the whole process audited by international quality controls in the physical and medical area, which allows us to focus on providing the best individual attention as possible to the patientsthat have entrusted us with their health and their lives.

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ï‚· Working philosophy through highly skilled professional interdisciplinary teams.

 Scientific information exchange and development of radiant treatment protocols with other centers in the United States, Central America, South America and the Caribbean.

  Exhaustive control over the equipment operation and dosimetry, in order to ensure their clinical applicability within the parameters established, through the

implementation of calibrations, adjustments and inspection carried out by our own certificate personnel, as well as by government agencies, such as the National Energy Commission and the Ministry of Public Health.

 Training of doctors, physicists, engineers and technicians in centers of high scientific and academic prestige in the country and abroad. Each of these areas has constant audits to ensure the quality.

  Personalized patient treatment, providing highest level medical assistance within the specialty and human support for your emotional containment.

  Investments in technology through the constant acquisition and incorporation of equipment and instrumentation, as well as the required reengineering of its facilities.

 Support to the Medical Community in the training of Radiotherapy Specialists with university degrees awarded by the most prestigious institutions in the world.



Constantly Innovating is what has distinguished CEDIMAT. The commitment and dedication toward the Dominican society is the engine that motivates us.

CEDIMAT has been a pioneer in reaching transcendental medicine aspects in the Dominican Republic. The most important, showing that the advanced technology in medicine is not an exclusive privilege of developed countries, since it was the first national institution in making investments in equipment with the highest standards, demonstrating the sustainability of a first level medical project with a important social component.

CEDIMAT is a pioneer in “different” social medicine that has allowed, through strategic alliances with specific foundations, to offer high-cost treatments to patients whose income would have never allowed them access to this type of therapy in the country. The Center has promoted the medical development by supporting research and procedures implementation previously made only in developed countries centers. It has also led to the formation of professionals through various training programs, medical residencies and training of paramedics.

CEDIMAT is always placed at the forefront of technology, with unique equipment in the

country and the region, among which we can mention:

 It was the first center in the country to install a 64 cuts CT scanner, unique in Latin America with the most complete applications, in the forefront with the best CT scanner of the world

 With the installation of the  INNOVA 3100 angiography, CEDIMAT is positioned as the institution that has one of the more advanced hemodynamics laboratories in the country and the region

ï‚· 3 Tesla magnetic resonance

ï‚· Brain spectroscopy, perfusion and division by magnetic resonance

ï‚· MRN (Dissemination in cervical spine, unique in the Caribbean)

ï‚· Neurosurgical intervention guided by special coordinates by magnetic resonance

ï‚· First smart operating rooms in the area of Latin America and the Caribbean

ï‚· Single radiosurgery center by gamma rays in the country


Now it makes available the last generation TRILOGY Linear Accelerator to patients of cancer that allows us to maintain the Dominican Republic between the countries that have the most important medical advances of the world.