Santo Domingo, October 7 2014– With the objective of supplying the Dominican Republic with the most modern treatments center with radiotherapy in the fight against cancer, our Advanced Diagnostics and medicine and medical conferences and telemedicine centers (CEDIMAT) and the American group “Medical Developers” inaugurated the Advanced Radiotherapy Savia Care center with an investment of more than $10 million between equipment, infrastructure, training of physicians and medical physicists in the United States.


The opening ceremony of the new facility was attended by the President Danilo Medina and the blessing of S.E.R. Cardinal Nicolas de Jesus Lopez Rodriguez.


The activity was attended by directors and executives of CEDIMAT, officials from the Ministry of Health, representatives of the Dominican Medical College, specialized doctor on the oncology area and specialties purposes.


In addition, representatives of the largest Managers of health risks, who valued that Dominican Republic count with this modern technology that exists in very few countries in the world.


In this way was installed the “Varian Trilogy 2014 “, the most modern equipment in all of Latin America, an advanced technology and “extreme accuracy” to demarcate the affected areas. The equipment is able to offer all the existing radiation treatments, developed by the most important scientific research, such as Intensity-modulated Radiotherapy (IMRT), Image-guided Radiotherapy (IGRT) and Stereotactic Body Radiotherapy (SBRT), which maximize the results of patients with this condition.


Among the main guests who attended the opening and operations of the Advanced Radiation Therapy Savia Care center, was Mr. Frank English, Chief Financial Officer (CFO) of the group “Medical Developers”, who visited the country especially for the occasion.


This American group has more than 30 years of experience in the management of linear accelerators and more than 45 centers in the USA and Central America with constant audits in all medical specialties, physical and engineering that are involved in its processes.


“The Advanced Radiation Therapy Savia Care center is the most modern in the Dominican Republic for the treatment against cancer, which has state-of-the-art technology and the most specialized staff,” said to the presents the graduated Milagros Ureña, Director-General of CEDIMAT.


Ureña assured that, “constantly innovating is what has distinguished CEDIMAT. The commitment and dedication toward the Dominican society is the engine that drives us, it is for this reason that the Advanced Radiation Therapy Savia Care Center comes at a time when the global progress on health issues are moving faster than we have never seen before, so that its strengths make us a reference point for patients and professionals in the Caribbean area”.


One of the center strengths is the exchange of scientific information and overall development of treatment protocols with other centers in the United States. In addition to an exhaustive control over the operation and dosimetry equipment, in order to ensure your clinical applicability within established parameters.
Radiotherapy uses high energy X-rays to kill cancer cells. Today it is one of the main treatments against this disease, whether it is used as primary treatment or as a complement to surgery (adjuvant) or so is concomitantly along with chemotherapy.